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Digital measurement

Built into EclipseCS are a suite of smart features and tools designed to improve your confidence and prevent unwanted data loss.


  • Remove the need for individual Project files on your PC which can get damaged or lost. A secured central database ensures all your data is in one place and backed up regularly


  • Never lose data. The ‘Crash Recovery’ feature lets you pick up right where you left off, even in the event of power loss


  • Have you priced and quantified everything you need to? The ‘Unpriced’ and ‘Unmeasured’ feature checks to see if you have forgotten to put a rate or quantity against an item


  • Feel confident that all calculations are accurate and complete, no need to keep recalculating the Worksheet when changes are made, does all the work for you


  • The security permissions feature lets you be selective of who has access to what Projects and functions within the application


  • Track your activity with a full audit trail of Who, When, Where and What


  • Spell-check, Undo & Redo

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