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Packed full of features

EclipseCS comes bundled with tools designed to allow you to work faster, more efficiently and more precisely.

Powerful rate management and analysis


  • Unlimited rate sets can be created and can include single or composite rate items. When rates are updated all changes flow through to the Estimate data.

  • Users can create their own Price Adjusters (mark ups) to apply allowances for margins, site allowances, increased costs, risk, contingencies, etc.  with simple or compounding effects and can choose to spread the effects through the existing Rates or show as separately identified sums




  • Create unlimited templates for use on new Projects or save a Project as a Template with the ability to decide if you wish to include quantities and rates.


Benchmark Projects


  • Improve the confidence of your estimates. The Project benchmarking feature lets you compare historic jobs side by side with indexes applied, giving you a great picture of costs for similar Projects.


Cut, Copy, Paste and Move

  • Comprehensive cut, copy, move, and paste features are provided within and between modules such as libraries, templates, projects, and jobs




  • Measure in accordance with Standards, make use of our built-in Phraseologies


Priced Libraries

  • Create libraries of items/descriptions either priced or not that can be used by everyone on any Project

Multi-lingual capability


  • Fully supports Microsoft languages which change the display of text within the application

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