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Digital measurement


Increase your efficiency, improve your accuracy, and take control of what you measure. Our Digital Measurement tool 'PlanMeasure' streamlines your take off and allows you to keep an audit trail for every dimension. 


If you are not in the market at this stage for the full EclipseCS package, PlanMeasure can be sold as a standalone package.

PlanMeasure onscreen takeoff


Planmeasure BIM
onscreen takeoff

Multiple drawing types

We support PDF, CAD and BIM (Building Information Modelling) file formats.

Easy To Use

Highly intuitive and modern interface makes measuring from electronic drawings easy.

Multiple drawings

Open, work on and display multiple drawings at the same time.



Measure in Metric and Imperial units or both at the same time.

Capture multiple quantities


One measurement easily calculates numerous values e.g. measure a room area to determine perimeter, volume and vertical area.

CAD benefits


Take advantage of CAD file formats without the need for CAD software. Different measurement modes speed up the take-off process e.g. automatically capture the floor areas or the number of doors on a drawing.



Full audit of who created data and when.



Live link digital measurement data to items within your worksheet templates.

Export to Excel


Easily export your measured quantities and items to Excel.

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